MOAA Discussion on Military Pay

This is a great video covering the topic of compensation to military members.  There is a growing drive amongst politicians to reduce the budget of the DOD and to a lesser extent, to reduce the military payrolls.  In this video, the president of the Military Officers Association of America presents a great defense to military pay and the need to keep it competitive with civilian counterparts.  Enjoy the video!

Military Pay Information

Military pay is made up of a basic amount, as well as allowances and special pays. The basic pay is based upon the rank and length of service of the member. Military members also receive other benefits, such as dental care, medical care, education assistance, and discount shopping, among others. Active duty members earn aContinue Reading

An Overview of Military Pay

The United States Armed Forces is among the largest militaries in the world in terms of the number of personnel. Thus, the allocation for the Department of Defense (DoD) is also among the highest in the world amounting to $553.1 billion this year, an increase of 4.2% compared from 2011. In terms of total expenditure,Continue Reading

Financial Incentives for Joining the Military

There can mainly be two reasons as to why an individual would choose to join the US Military service: out of patriotism or out of dire need for money. In both the cases, there is no denying the fact that this is a decision that is extremely difficult and challenging to make because it involvesContinue Reading

What Pay to Expect in a Military Career

Considering a lucrative option to start your career after studies? Well, the market is never short of openings to absorb young talent in its ranks, but initially everyone has to go through the tough grind of earning their place in any career stream before they can expect the big bucks to follow. Among the variousContinue Reading

Understanding Military Pay

Those American citizens who have decided to join US Military to serve the nation need to know about the remuneration the nation offers you for surrendering your life and soul for its safety. To brief and crisp, according to the US military pay chart, all cadres of servicemen will be categorized based on their experienceContinue Reading

Calculating Military Base Pay

The US Armed Forces is a large and complex organization. Every unit is comprised of diverse individuals who perform their own specific functions. Determining the pay of each member can be thorny subject. A law was crafted to make it easier and more transparent for everyone concerned. This resulted in a military pay chart thatContinue Reading

Gaining a Better Understanding of Military Pay

Not everybody can work for the US military because a huge amount of courage is required in order to take up the job of protecting the country while risking one’s life. Since the US military officials or personnel are putting up such a huge sacrifice for their country therefore they are compensated extremely well forContinue Reading

Using the Military Pay Chart

According to a military pay chart, there was an increase in pay in January of 2013. The pay that one receives in the military depends on a few different factors. There are enlisted personnel and Officers. The major difference between these two, are that enlisted personnel do not have a college degree, and are notContinue Reading