This military pay chart for 2015 reflects a 1.0% pay raise from 2014.  The DoD requested this modest pay raise despite the recent precedent of increasing military base pay at the same pace as civilian pay.  In order to keep up with civilian pay, the 2015 increase would need to be more than 3%.  This increase has not yet become law, but it appears the 1.0% increase is what we'll see.

To use this 2015 pay chart, simply find the applicable pay grade (E1 - E9 for enlisted, O1-O9 for officers*) in the left column and then proceed right to the applicable number of years in service.  Keep in mind that this chart represents basic pay only and service members may be eligible for a litany of other allowances, bonuses or other pay entitlements.

* For prior enlisted officers (that served enlisted for at least 48 months) use the special O1E - O3E fields.  There is no additional base pay for prior-enlisted officers at the rank of O4 or above.

If you have any questions on using this chart, feel free to post it in the comments below: